Covid-19 Measures

In light of the current pandemic we at Memsaab are taking extra precautions to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our customers and staff.


The safety of our customers is our top priority here at Memsaab, to ensure this we are:

Reducing the need for customers to queue by seating customers directly to the table.

Reducing the maximum number of customers that can occupy the premises in order to follow social distancing guidelines.

Providing clear guidance on social distancing and hygiene to customers on arrival through signage and verbal prompts.

Minimising contact between kitchen workers and front of house workers by having collection zones

More frequent hand washing.

Reminding customers to follow social distancing advice.

Only essential staff on site.

Putting teams into shifts to restrict the number of workers interacting with each other.

More frequent cleaning of work areas and equipment between uses.

Keeping a temporary record of customers for 21 days to assist NHS Test and Trace with requests for the data if needed.  The QR code is available on entry to all guests to register their visit.  Please make sure to do so on entry.



Despite slight changes to our dining experience, we will be providing our top quality food with the best service. In order to provide our impeccable dining experience whilst adhering to government guidelines we are:

Ensuring customers use hand sanitiser on arrival to the restaurant and visiting the restroom.

Distancing the tables to maintain social distancing.

Reducing the number of surfaces touched by both staff and customers by asking customers to remain at the table where possible.

Using floor tape to mark areas to help people to comply with social distancing guidelines and to promote a one way system.

Wedging the doors open to reduce touch-points and to promote ventilation.

Cleaning surfaces and objects between customer use, such as: tables, chairs, laminated menus, card machines.

Thorough hand washing before handling plates and cutlery.



Minimising contact between front of house and delivery drivers through collection points.

Frequent cleaning of the collection bags and collection areas.

Secure packaging of food to prevent contamination.

Regular hand washing of kitchen staff.

Contactless Collections  – payment and handover of food.