Chef’s Special Menu


Barbeque Beef

Fillet of Beef cubed and marinated in lemon juices, ginger, green chillies and barbeque sauce to give a smoky aroma with a kick. Served on a bed of fried onions and served with a mixed leaf salad.

Zanfrani Fish

Fillets of fish marinated in a tumeric yoghurt with a blend of indian herbs & spices. Grilled in our tandoor oven to  flakey perfection. Served with a salad on a minty sauce.

Main Course

Terri Murgh

Bite size chunks of chicken breast fillet cooked gently within a chicken stock retaining moisture. Added to which is an aromatic paste of tumeric, finely ground garlic, ginger and chillies. Forming a curry of runny consistency with an excellent depth of flavour, topped with jalapenos from the stock, fresh coriander and spring onion. Hot & Spicy!

Murgh Kali Mirch

A smooth, buttery dish made with a generous combination of garlic and ginger. Added to strips of chicken highly flavoured with black pepper and cardamom powder. All in a creamy white cashew nut curry.