Breads, Rice and Relishes

From the Rasoya, served under the directions of the KhansamahThe gardener in Indian households was referred to as Mali. The cook was known as the Rasoya and food was served at the table under the hawk-like gaze of the Head Bearer or Khansamah.These were positions of great importance and the individuals concerned enjoyed appropriate status. The diversity so evident in Indian society is reflected here in this selection of accompanying dishes.

Steamed Basmati (Pilau) Rice


Vegetable Rice


Mushroom & Jeera (Cumin) Rice


Boiled Rice


Buttered Tandoori Naan


Peshwari Fruit & Nut Naan


Buttered Garlic & Coriander Naan


Keema Naan (minced lamb)


Paratha (unleavened bread)


Aloo Paratha




TTandoori Roti ( Tandoori Chapati)

Tandoori chapatti.


Popadom (plain or spiced)



Mixed salad with chickpeas


Cucumber Raita

Lightly-spiced yoghurt with cucumber.


Mango Chutney


Spiced Onions


Apple and Mint Chutney


Thali of Chutneys

Comprises the three above


Mango Pickle


Lime Pickle


We do not use artificial colourings or preservatives in any of our dishes.

Minimum cover charge for meals excluding drinks £12. 10% service charge applies to all parties over 8 persons