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Takeaway Menu 


Cauliflower Pakora £4.75

Deep-fried nuggets in a seasoned batter. Served with an accompanying dip.

Seekh Kebab £5.00

Ground Lamb with aromatic herbs and spices grilled over charcoal.

Prawn or Channa Puri £5.00

(King Prawn surcharge £1 50)
Deep-fried puri bread filled with spiced prawns or chickpeas.

Chicken Tikka £5.25

Tender fillets of marinated chicken.

Chichen Shishlick £5.25

Marinated fillets of chicken, pan-fried with peppers, mushrooms and onions in a rich and spicy coating.

Mem-Saab Platter £5.25

Comprises of a vegetable samosa, cauliflower pakora, seekh kebab and chicken tikka.

Lamb or Vegetable Samosa £5.00

Two crisp pastries with fillings of potato and
lamb or mixed vegetables. Served with curried chickpeas and tamarind.

Chilli King Prawns or Paneer £5.75

Rich and spicy with strands-of peppers, onions and chillies.

Onion Bhaji £4.50

Onion strands in a spicy batter mix, deep-fried until crisp.

Tandoori Salmon £6.00

Marinated salmon grilled over charcoal.

Cauliflower Manchurian £4.75

Finely chopped with onions and peppers, rounded into balls, lightly battered and coated in mouth-watering Manchurian sauce.

Tandoori Specialities

Dishes are served with fresh salad, rice and a mint yoghurt dip. All meats are marinated in home-made yoghurt and rich spices, cooked in a clay oven, or “tandoor”, and sprinkled with fresh green coriander

Tandoori Chicken £11.00

Chicken breast marinated in a tandoori spice

Chicken Tikka £11.00

Tender fillets of chicken

Lamb Tikka £13.00

Tender fillets of lamb

Tandoori combination £12.50

A sumptuous platter of seekh kebab tandoori chicken, lamb and chicken tikka

Naan Kebab £10.00

Choice of Tandoori Chicken, Lamb Seekh (minced lamb) OR pan-fried mixed vegetables with Paneer. Served on a fresh Naan Bread, drizzled with mint yoghurt and sweet chilli sauce. Served with salad.

Vegetarian Selection

These dishes are available as mains (£8.00) or sides (£5.50)

Bindi Ambchurn

Crisp okra with pan-fried onion in a dry mango powder

Shahi Paneer

Cottage cheese simmered in onion and tomato with ground nuts

Butter Spinach with Potato

Spinach leaves in ginger base with baby potatoes

Aloo Dhum

Potatoes steamed in a blend of onions, tomatoes and spices, pan-fried for a crisp dry finish

Aloo Ghobi Bhuna

Potatoes and cauliflower with a rich, thick sauce

Aubergine Bortha

Ground aubergine simmered with onions and chickpeas and finished with ground coriander and fresh coriander

Vegetable Pepper Fry

Rich and full of flavour, seasonal vegetables with peppers and paneer

Taarka Dhal

Curried lentils with a spicy onion topping

Garlic Chilli Aloo

Baby potatoes in a garlic and chilli sauce

Arbi with Mushrooms

Root vegetables belonging to the yam family, pan-fried with mushrooms and finished with coriander

Chefs Collection

Salmon Haryali £14.50

Tandoori salmon pieces, sandwiched with a spinach filling, cooked with a tikka masala sauce. Accompanied with steamed pilau rice

Keema Matar £9.00

Lamb mince cooked in fresh spices, finished with garden peas and coriander

Byriani Chicken/Lamb/Vegetable £11.25

A choice of the above, simmered with onions, tomatoes and rice. Served with an accompanying sauce

Butter Chicken Masala £9.00

Tender chicken fillets in a creamy yet spicy cream and butter sauce

Garlic Chilli Chicken £9.00

Supreme chicken in  a garlic and chilli sauce, garnished with coriander. Hot and spicy

Mem-Saab Collection

The following dishes are based on a choice of Chicken (£9.00), Lamb (£10.00), Prawns(£10.00), King Prawns(£12.50) or Seasonal Vegetables (£8.00)

Goaneese Korma  

Southern Indian dish consisting of fresh coconut and coconut cream.


Roasted peanuts and ground peanuts, jeera and garam masala, simmered.with onion and tomato gravy. Finished with coriander.

Tikka Masala 

Tikka pieces simmered in a creamy tandoori masala sauce with ground cashew nuts.


Simmered in lentils giving a-mildly sweet flavour.

Pista Pasand 

Simmered in a creamy sauce with ground pistachio nuts.


Onions, fresh tomatoes and capsicums pan fried with fresh green chillies Finished with spring onions and coriander.

Rogan Josh 
Tomato and garlic feature in this popular Indian dish. Finished with fresh tomato.

Tikka Balti 

Finely diced Peppers and onions simmered with fresh ginger and garlic. Finished with yoghurt.

A rich and earthy mix of peppers, mushrooms and onions, finished with coriander. Simmered in ginger and garlic to a desired strength.


Fresh spinach leaves in a ginger and onion base with fresh tomatoes.

Tomato and mango combined.together for
this mouth watering sweet and sour dish.

Breads & Chutneys

Steamed Basmati ( Pilau ) Rice £3.00

Aromatic with cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and bay leaf.

Mushroom Pilau Rice £3.00

Boiled Rice £2.75

Tandoori Naan £3.25

Peshwari Fruit and Nut Naan £3.50

Garlic and Coriander Naan £3.25

Chilli Cheese Naan £3.50

Keema Naan £4.00

Paratha – Unleavened bread. £3.00

Aloo Paratha £3.50

Tandoori Roti  – Tandoori chapati. £2.75

Popadom – Plain or spiced. £0.90

Relishes and Home-Made Chutneys

Mixed Salad £3.00

Crispy mixed salad with chickpeas, parmesan, sweet chilli and balsamic vinegar dressing.

Cucumber Raita £1.75

Lightly spiced yoghurt with cucumber.

Mango Chutney £0.95

Spiced Onions £0.95

Lime Pickle £0.95


Belly of Pork £6.00

Crisp crackling & soft belly garnished with a sweet chilli sauce:

Chorizo £5.25

Baked with red wine, onion and rosemary.

Tempura King Prawns £6.00

Succulent tempered King Prawns served with a sweet chilli sauce:

Cheesy Mushrooms (v) £4.75

Combined in a lightly spiced cheese cream sauce.

Chinese Spring Rolls (v) £4.50

Crispy filo pastry filled with vegetables and finished with a drizzle of sweet chill! sauce.

Mozzarella Sticks ( v ) £4.75

Coated in breadcrumbs served with a mouth-watering tomato salsa:

Grilled Asparagus ( v ) £4.75

Seasoned and chargrilled, lightly drizzled with olive oil:

Chips (v) £3.50

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