Tapas and Appetisers

You can order any of the dishes below to take-away and a 10% discount will be applied.

Mixed Grill Sizzler for 2:  £13.00
Combination of both Chicken and Lamb Tikka, Seekh Kebab and Onion Bhaji, served on a sizzler with onions & peppers.

Belly of Pork: £6.50
Crisp Crackling & soft Belly garnished with a sweet chilli sauce.

Chorizo: £5.50
Baked with red wine, onion, and rosemary.

Thawa (Choice of Chicken, King Prawn or White Fish): £7.00
Battered in a marination of ginger, chilli, and spices, served on a bed of pan-fried peppers and onions.

Seekh Kebab: £6.50
Ground minced Lamb with mixed Punjabi spices.

Chicken Shishlick: £6.50
Pan-fried Chicken among peppers, mushrooms, and onions, in a mild-spicy coating.

Chilli King Prawns: £6.50
King Prawns, pan-fried with peppers, mushrooms and red chilli peppers.

Tempura King Prawns: £6.50
Succulent tempered King Prawns served with sweet chilli sauce.

Tandoori Salmon:  £7.00
Seasoned in tandoori spices and cooked in the clay oven.

Marinated Goats Cheese (v): £4.00
Velvety and aromatic, served on toasted ciabatta.

Cheesy Mushrooms (v): £5.00
Combined in a lightly spiced cheese cream sauce.

Patatas Bravas (v): £4.00
Cubed potato served with a seasoned tomato salsa.

Chinese Spring Rolls (v): £4.75
Crispy filo pastry filled with vegetables and finished with a drizzle of sweet chilli sauce.

Mozzarella Sticks (v): £5.00
Coated in breadcrumbs served with a mouth-watering tomato salsa.

Grilled Asparagus (v): £5.00
Seasoned and chargrilled, lightly drizzled with olive oil.

Onion Bhaji (v): £5.00
Strands of onion combined in a crispy gram flour batter and lightly fried.

Cauliflower Manchurian: £6.00

Finely chopped with onion and peppers. Rounded into balls, lightly battered in corn flour and coated in mouth-watering Manchurian sauce.

Samosa with Chana: £6.00

Two samosa’s served with curried chickpeas Choice of either Lamb or Vegetable.

Nachos (v): £6.00
Tortilla chips topped with a home-made tomato salsa and cheese.

Chips (v): £3.75
Lightly spiced with Peri Peri.

Mixed Salad: £4.50
Crispy mixed salad with chickpeas, sweet chilli, balsamic vinegar & parmesan.