Evening Dining – Meals & Tapas


Rib Eye Steak £12.95

Portuguese style with piri piri & herbs.  Grilled & served with fresh salad and chips.

Grilled Kangaroo £12.95

Marinated Kangaroo fillets drizzled with a red wine sauce, accompanied with sautéed mushrooms & fries.

Crab Cakes £9.25

Succulent & fresh, served on a bed of rocket, parmentier potatoes, drizzled with sweet chilli sauce.

Hoisin Chicken £9.25

Diced Chicken with seasonal vegetables in a hoisin sauce. Served with rice.

Chicken Tikka Masala £9.25

Tender chicken pieces simmered  in a creamy  tandoori masala sauce. Served with boiled rice and salad. (May contain some nuts)

Cod & Chips £8.75

Freshly battered Cod fillet accompanied with green peas, salad & side of garlic mayonnaise.

Spinach & Ricotta Tortellini  (V) £8.50

Freshly cooked pasta, with sweet peppers, onions & mushrooms. Choice of sauce; Cream/Tomato. Finished with parmesan.

Burgers  £8.95

Grilled with Lettuce, onion, tomato and garlic mayo.

Choice of:

Spiced Lamb Burger

Chicken Fillet Burger (without onion)  

Spiced Breaded Vegi Burger 


Evening Tapas Menu

Available Mon-Sat 6pm – 10pm, Served with Toasted Ciabatta Bread. Please note.

Some items may contain nuts

Ciabatta with Garlic & Cheese (V) £2.50

Toasted Ciabatta topped with fresh garlic butter & cheddar.

Deep-Fried Potato Wedges (V) £3.00

Coated in fresh ground spices, drizzled with garlic mayo.

Jalapeno Cheese (V) £3.50

Breaded jalapeno peppers, stuffed with hot cream cheese.

Onion Rings (V) £2.75

Natural breaded with garlic mayo.

Paella Balls (V) £3.50

Fried breaded paella rice balls with pesto.

Chinese Spring Rolls (V) £3.50

Bean sprouts, vegetables, drizzled with sweet chilli sauce.

Mozzarella Sticks (V) £3.50

Coated in breadcrumbs, served with tomato salsa.

Garlic King Prawns £4.25

Marinated in fresh lemon olive oil, garlic & fresh vegetables.

Tempura King Prawns £4.25

Succulent tempered prawns with sweet chilli.

Prawn Toasties £4.25 

Ground Prawns on Sesame seeded pockets.

Marinated Anchovies  £3.50

Served on toasted Ciabatta with cream cheese.

Marinated Goats Cheese (V)  £3.50

Velvety aromatic & baked in oven.

Grilled Salmon £4.50

Freshly seasoned & marinated, cooked over grill.

Chorizo  £3.75

Simmered with Onion, garlic & sweet red wine jus.

Calamari £3.00

Natural battered, served with wedge of lemon.

Grilled Chicken Fillets £4.00

Aromatically marinated with lemon, garlic & mixed herb .

Chicken Shishlick £4.25

Diced chicken breast, stir fried with peppers, onions & mushrooms.

Lamb Meat Balls £4.00

Mouth watering slightly spiced lamb topped with a herbed tomato sauce.

Belly of Pork £4.50

Crisp crackling & soft, garnished with sweet chilli sauce.

Grilled Asparagus (v) £3.50

Sprinkled with olive oil & seasoned, chargrilled.

Salad Tower (V) £3.50

Crispy mixed salad with a sweet chilli, balsamic &

olive oil dressing and topped with Parmesan.

Chips (v)£3.00

Lightly spiced.

Nachos  £5.00

Served with fresh chopped vegetables & served with home-made salsa.